opt hair removal review

opt hair removal review

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opt hair removal review
opt laser hair removal I think I can say many, if not most women, feel insecure about their own body hair. Personally, I think it looks very unflattering on me, and I really like the feeling of having smooth legs. But at the same time, I’m someone who’s very lazy. Body hair grows back too fast, and I don’t have the patience to be shaving it every day. As a result, I often end up cutting myself because I try to rush shaving. You’d think waxing is an option then? Somehow the times I’ve tried it, it always ended up in a sticky mess. Besides, the fact your hair needs to be a certain length before you can wax again. Having to let it grown just to be able to remove it again never made sense to me. I also tried other methods, such as removing cream and Smooth Away pads, but neither was a success for me. While I heard about hair lasering treatments before, I never considered them until now, simply because of how incredibly expensive they are. That was until a friend of mine started talking about a discount deal Just Wellness was having. So I decided to book an intake for a laser treatment. At least, I thought I’d made an appointment for a laser treatment since I didn’t know OPT was something different. I thought it was all just the same thing, just a different name. http://www.beierplasm.com/all-products/ Optimum Pulse-light Technology, which is a more advanced version of Intense Pulse Light, is an effective way of hair reduction. The lasering method goes deeper into the skin, and while this would remove hair much quicker, it’s also more painful, can damage the skin, and is more expensive While OPT is not dangerous, there are things to keep in mind and rules to follow. That’s why an intake takes place first. Not everyone has the right skin hair type for this treatment. However, it turns out that with my Hispanic looking skin and very dark hair I’m the perfect candidate. The OPT should take about 12 treatments, however, depending on your skin tone you might need more treatments. Considering how every treatment is done with 4 to 5 weeks in between, I could technically be hair-free in a year time. But apparently, people tend to hold a summer stop for this. At first, I thought this wouldn’t be necessary. But apparently, you have to cover the skin 3 days before and after the treatment. And even after, it still needs 2 more weeks rest in combination with a factor 50. When not done properly this can result in pigment spots. Considering how unbearably hot it was last summer, I don’t think it would be easy to handle wearing both long sleeves and pants during that time.

Click on the image to get in touch with us immediately! They gave some more information about the do’s and don’ts I got asked whether I wanted to start my treatment right away. Since I wasn’t sure if there would actually be time for this I only shaved my legs and bikini line. Shaving the parts a day ahead of time, not later or earlier, is important to prevent getting wounds or prevent it from having an effect. But wouldn’t it take a long time? I just didn’t think this was an option. However, it only takes a few minutes! I got some red-tinted glasses to protect my eyes and we could begin. As the name suggests, the hair gets removed by light pulses. With this technology, she could also change the temperature I was told. Turning it colder especially helped for the more sensitive parts, like the bikini line. I wouldn’t say it was really painful, but it was definitely not pleasant. That while I hardly felt anything for when my legs got done. I think it only took about 8 minutes, but the next session will be about 15 minutes since the rest will get done as well. Suivant time I should pay better attention when shaving though, since I tend to miss spots! xD I already can’t wait to start seeing the results!! traumatic tattoo removalopt laser hair removal reviewssynergie cellulite treatment near me

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