kim kardashian cellulite removal

kim kardashian cellulite removal

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kim kardashian cellulite removal
back massage robot VelaShape? & VelaSmooth? VelaSmooth Studies on VelaShape? and VelaSmooth? show that the treatment can reduce the circumference of thighs. In one study, some participants’ thighs shrank more than two inches around. Company: Syneron & Candela The Technology: FDA-approved VelaSmooth?, its improvement FDA-approved VelaShape?, and Syneron & Candela’s most recent iteration, the smaller and 20% more powerful VelaShape? II, all use a combination of the company’s patented elōs? (electro-optical synergy) Technology and mechanical tissue manipulation, which is basically using machines that vacuum and massage the tissue. FYI: This is the one Kim Kardashian said she used to treat her cellulite. How it Works: Syneron’s elōs? Technology simultaneously uses bipolar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy. It works in the same way as other targeted thermal treatments (e.g. lasers and intense pulsed-light (IPL)), which tighten sagging skin by applying targeted thermal energy that causes collagen to contract and remodel through the creation of new collagen. But elōs? Technology delivers similar benefits with fewer negative side effects and a shorter recovery time (patients can resume normal activity within hours) (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology). [Read More: Will VelaShape? Really Get Rid of Cellulite?] The Studies: A 2004 clinical study on the technology used in these lasers found that within four weeks, 70% of the 35 patients saw a decrease in thigh circumference, and that number bumped up to 100% of patients after eight weeks. The average circumference reduction was 0.8 inches, but some patients had a circumference reduction of more than two inches (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy). A 2005 study on 20 participants used the technology on one randomly chosen thigh of each patient (using the other as a control) for eight, biweekly treatments. Overall, 90% of participants responded to treatment, with an average clinical improvement of 50% and an average thigh circumference reduction of 0.31 inches (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy). A 2006 Institutional Review Board-approved study evaluated 16 patients who received two treatments per week for four weeks found that all patients improved (based on physician assessment of photographs and survey) with an average improvement of 62% at three months and 50% at six months (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy). Accent XL Accent XL By using a unipolar (or monopolar) radiofrequency in addition to bipolar radiofrequency, Accent XL can send energy deeper into tissue. Company: Alma Lasers The Technology: FDA-approved Accent XL uses a combination of light heating and mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage) to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. The company says its system uses both unipolar (or monopolar) AND bipolar radiofrequency systems to deliver targeted energy. Cellulite treatment Thermage also uses unipolar (or monopolar), but as far as I could tell doesn’t use bipolar as well. [Read More: Does Thermage Work?: A Dermatologist Explains the Facts] How it Works: The unipolar (or monopolar) radiofrequency energy goes up to 15 to 20 mm deeper into the skin than bipolar radiofrequency systems. Similarly to non-ablative lasers and IPL, this targeted thermal energy makes collagen contract and causes remodeling and the creation of new collagen (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy). But with this treatment, the unipolar (or monopolar) laser delivers energy to deeper, subcutaneous fat, while the bipolar laser delivers energy to the skin. The Studies: A 2006 study used a unipolar (or monopolar) device on 26 women two times with 15 days between treatments. Overall, researchers using ultrasound found 64-72% of the participants saw a 15-28% decrease in the distance from the skin to muscle and the skin to the Camper’s fascia, 53% saw an improvement in fibrous tissue, and 50% saw a straightening of the fibrous bands (Journal of Drugs in Dermatology). A 2008 study used unipolar (or monopolar) device on one randomly selected thigh (using the other as a control) of 10 participants ever other week for an average of 4.22 times. Overall, all of the participants responded to treatment and blind evaluations of photographs showed an average improvement of 11.25% in dimple density and 2.5% in dimple depth (Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy). A 2008 study used a unipolar (or monopolar) device on 37 participants every other week for a total of six treatments. Overall, 27 subjects showed clinical improvement with an average thigh circumference decrease of 0.96 inches (Dermatologic Surgery).

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SmoothShapes? SmoothShapes SmoothShapes uses two distinct wavelengths that, when combined, can essentially get rid of the fat in cells that cause cellulite. Company: Cynosure The Technology: FDA-approved SmoothShapes? uses light heating at specific wavelengths and mechanical tissue manipulation (vacuum and massage) to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. The most recent version, SmoothShapes? II, is smaller and 50% more powerful than the original. How it Works: The low intensity light therapy involved uses two distinct wavelengths, 650 nm and 915 nm, to effectively reduce cellulite without causing damage (Proceedings of Light-Activated Tissue Regeneration and Therapy Conference). The 650 nm wavelength has been shown to create pores in the membranes of fat cells that allow the fat to be released into intercellular space (area between cells) and the 915 nm has been shown to be preferentially absorbed by lipids in fat cells (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). Essentially, this combination can empty and liquefy the fat from cells without causing damage to the cells. A combination of 635 nm and 915 nm wavelengths has been shown to increase new collagen production and improve blood circulation (JDDG). The Studies: A 2008 study used the technology on one randomly selected thigh (using the other as a control) of 102 participants for an average of 14.3 treatments over four to six weeks. Of the 74 patients who completed the study, 82.26% responded to the treatment with an average thigh circumference decrease of 0.46 inches (Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy). A 2010 study used the technology on 20 women, twice a week for four weeks. Of the 17 women who completed the study, 94% responded that they felt their cellulite had improved. VECTRA analysis of the participants showed an 82% improvement at one month, a 76% improvement at three months, and a 76% improvement at six months (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). A 2011 study used the technology on one, randomly selected thigh (using the other as a control) of 83 participants for eight sessions. Overall, 71.1% of treated thighs shrank (with an average loss of .25 inches) compared to 53% of control thighs (with an average loss of 0.07 inches) (Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy). shaq tattoos removed opt laser hair removal cellulite and fat removal

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